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Owner and Designer of The Vintage Rose Co​

Designed to create meaningful conversations about mental health and addiction, all while making a stylish statement. Her mission is rooted in the belief that no one should struggle alone and in silence. She aims to unite individuals facing these challenges, serving as a visible representation that recovery is possible and support is available. Amy draws her inspiration from the profound symbolism of a vintage rose. Just as a vintage item carries a sense of timeless beauty and nostalgia, the rose represents love, passion, and growth. By combining these elements, The Vintage Rose Co becomes a powerful emblem of enduring elegance and personal strength.


Amy, the founder of The Vintage Rose Co, has walked the path of recovery from mental health struggles to addiction and now dedicates herself to providing support and advocacy for others on their own journeys. Her personal experiences have shaped the core of The Vintage Rose Co's commitment to raising awareness and offering assistance to those in need. With Amy's background as a mental health professional, social and emotional interventionist, and dual certified peer specialist, she combines lived experience with expertise, ensuring a comprehensive and compassionate approach to supporting others. Through her collection of wearable messages of hope and healing, she offers a tangible reminder that recovery is possible, and that seeking support is a sign of strength. Her apparel acts as a sign of encouragement, enabling individuals to share their stories and inspire others along the way.


At The Vintage Rose Co, Amy firmly believe that advocating for others is timeless and will never go out of style. Her goal is to bring The Vintage Rose Co into the public eye, stirring conversations, igniting discussions, and drawing attention to the needs of those who are struggling. By doing so, she aspires to dismantle barriers, end stigma, and foster a society that wholeheartedly supports and uplifts individuals on their paths to recovery.


Amy invites you to join her on this empowering mission to create conversations, challenge misconceptions, and advocate for those facing mental health and addiction challenges. Together, we can make a difference and demonstrate that recovery is not only possible but also a beautiful and transformative journey. Welcome to The Vintage Rose Co, where style intertwines with the power of resilience.

"Thorns make you stronger, and the beauty of the rose is worth the pricks along the way"

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