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Amy is not only a mental health professional, social and emotional interventionist, and dual certified peer specialist, but she is also a survivor of suicide. From an early age, Amy confronted the challenges of living with OCD, anxiety,  and depression. As time went on, she received additional diagnoses of ADHD and PTSD. Throughout the years, she struggled with self-critical perfectionism and perseverative thinking. Her thoughts became a distorted mirror, subjecting her to irrational demands and expectations imposed by both herself and others. She endured belittlement, humiliation, and body-shaming due to her mental health from peers and even relatives. As her self-esteem deteriorated, Amy found herself misdiagnosed and improperly medicated. To cope with her pain, she resorted to self-harmful behaviors, developed an eating disorder, and battled addiction to drugs and alcohol for an extended period. Her daily existence was plagued by suicidal ideations, resulting in numerous visits to emergency rooms and multiple inpatient stays at mental health hospitals. She even faced two separate suicide attempts.


Despite enduring much of her anguish in silence, Amy made a life-altering decision to share her story. Her purpose is to make a lasting impact as an advocate for others and guide them towards healing, empowering them to become survivors themselves. Amy's speaking engagements provide a unique opportunity to hear her powerful narrative firsthand. Through her journey, she has gained an intimate understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with mental health conditions. Her empathetic perspective fuels her passion to advocate for others and offer them a pathway to recovery.


.Her experiences serve as a powerful reminder that healing and survival are possible for all. Contact Amy today to learn more about her availability and how she can contribute to your event. Together, let's break the silence, challenge stigma, and inspire audiences to embrace their own journeys of healing and hope. Welcome to a place where stories of triumph and transformation are shared, leaving a lasting impact on all who listen.

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