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Building Strengths & Saving Lives

In the field of mental health, we've made significant strides in identifying risk factors and warning signs for suicide. This progress is a testament to the vital work being done in the realm of intervention. When we flip the script and ask, "How does someone who is feeling suicidal get better?" or "How does someone who has experienced trauma move towards healing?" we're often met with silence. This silence highlights a critical gap in our understanding and approach. Resilience, recovery, and the process of healing are often overshadowed by discussions about pain and adversity. It's time to broaden the conversation and recognize the importance of discussing what helps people overcome challenges and emerge stronger. By doing so, we can normalize the process of healing and foster a culture of resilience.

As humans, we all crave intimacy, dependability, and empathy from others. However, adverse childhood experiences taught me that others couldn't be trusted to meet those needs, which pushed me down a path of detachment and substance abuse, isolating me from the world around me. This led me to a desolate and solitary place, though back then, it seemed like my sole recourse. Nevertheless, by confronting my past, embracing responsibility, practicing forgiveness for those who caused me harm, and committing to self-improvement, I discovered that resilience isn’t about avoiding adversity, but about embracing it and adapting. My personal journey stands as a testament to the remarkable capacity of resilience.

This process transcended self-bounds, strengthening my relationships through empathy, trust, and understanding. By taking responsibility for my actions and admitting my mistakes, I was able to let go of the past and move forward with a renewed sense of purpose. I learned that forgiveness is not a sign of weakness, but a strength. And most importantly, I learned that treating others the way I want to be treated is the key to building strong relationships.

Critics and challenges are unwelcome companions on life's journey, yet they are the crucibles in which resilience flourishes. Adversity tempers the spirit and invites us to adapt, cope, and emerge stronger. Resilience is the emblem of a spirit that cannot be shattered, even in the face of conflict. Adversity is an inevitable part of life, and resilience is our ability to navigate it successfully. Resilience means bouncing back from setbacks, holding our heads high in challenging times, and using conflict as an opportunity for growth. By facing challenges head-on and cultivating inner strength, we can emerge stronger, more adaptable, and better equipped to handle life's uncertainties.

In this blog post, I embark on an expedition through the landscape of prevention, delving into factors that act as catalysts in the face of life's critics, abuse, substance entanglements, and even the abyss of suicide. Together, let us illuminate the profound capacity within each of us to not just survive, but to thrive, casting aside the shadows of despair and embracing the transformative brilliance of resilience.

The tapestry of resilience is woven from family support, positive friendships, mentorship, wholesome activities, benevolence, and spirituality. These elements nourish mind, body, and soul, enabling us to flourish even in the face of tribulations.

The Tapestry of Resilience

Nurturing Bonds and Connections: Family

Family support encompasses a rich tapestry of connections that extend far beyond biological ties. It derives from multiple sources, starting with the family we are born into – the foundation upon which our earliest experiences are built. It also encompasses the families we consciously choose – friends who become our chosen family, forming bonds as strong as, or even stronger than, those bound by blood. These chosen families are based on shared values, mutual respect, and unwavering support, creating a network of encouragement and belonging.

Equally vital is the family we consciously form with our partners. This partnership extends beyond mere cohabitation, evolving into a mutual refuge of understanding, encouragement, and companionship. Also, the unconditional love of a pet or the responsibilities and joys of parenthood offer a unique form of support that enriches our lives and fosters emotional well-being.

In essence, family support is a mosaic of connections, woven from the threads of birth, choice, and shared experiences. It’s a constellation of relationships that provide us with a sense of belonging, understanding, and encouragement, ultimately enhancing our resilience and enriching the tapestry of our lives.

Empowering Connections: Friends

Positive Friends play a pivotal role by actively participating in our journey of making wholesome choices, providing encouragement, and igniting inspiration within us. These remarkable individuals possess the unique ability to elevate our emotional and mental well-being. Their unwavering support has the power to lift our spirits during challenging times, infuse our lives with joy through shared laughter, and foster a deep sense of trust through their honesty.

Furthermore, Positive Friends demonstrate their steadfast commitment by standing by our side whenever their presence is needed. They aren't just companions; they are pillars of strength who contribute to our growth and well-being in multifaceted ways. Their influence creates an environment where we feel empowered, motivated, and genuinely cared for.

Unveiling the Power: Mentors

A mentor is a seasoned individual who imparts their wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and experience to guide and support us along our personal and professional journeys. This guidance is provided with the intention of helping us harness our inherent strengths, allowing us to cultivate and refine these qualities to our fullest potential. Acting as a beacon of guidance, a mentor offers valuable perspectives and practical advice that enables us to navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and grasp opportunities.

A mentor serves as more than just an instructor; they are a trusted confidant and source of inspiration. Through their insights, a mentor encourages us to tap into our unique capabilities and qualities, facilitating our growth and development. This process involves fostering self-awareness, boosting self-confidence, and nurturing the skills necessary to excel. By fostering a supportive and nurturing relationship, mentors empower us to take ownership of our aspirations and take the necessary steps toward becoming the most accomplished and authentic version of ourselves.

Revitalize and Rejuvenate: Healthy Activities

Engaging in a broad spectrum of hobbies, habits, and activities contributes to a well-rounded set of healthy activities. These activities encompass a wide range of aspects – social, physical, emotional, and mental – all of which play a pivotal role in alleviating stress. Beyond conventional notions of heart-healthy practices such as exercise and sports, healthy activities also encompass artistic pursuits, musical endeavors, outdoor adventures, time spent with pets, reading, cooking, and even the simple pleasure of napping. When stress mounts, our reservoir of healthy activities, whether they involve social interactions, physical exertion, intellectual engagement, or emotional well-being, emerges as a crucial support system.

Kindness in Action: Generosity

The transformative potential of generosity is both profound and protective. At its core, generosity involves intentionally extending oneself to aid others. This could involve sharing one's resources – be it time, money, influence, or attention – to uplift someone else. By committing acts of generosity, we tap into a healing force that not only benefits those receiving our assistance but also nurtures our own well-being. Through these acts, we discover a powerful means of not only connecting with others but also safeguarding our mental and emotional equilibrium.

Connecting to Something Bigger: Spirituality

Spirituality involves an individual practice and a journey unique to each person, centered around cultivating inner peace and a sense of purpose. It encompasses the process of shaping beliefs about life's meaning and our relationships with others. Spirituality doesn't have to adhere to a specific doctrine; it's about finding a connection to something greater than ourselves. Whether through gratitude, meaningful practices, or connecting with nature, spirituality provides a source of solace and guidance in times of adversity.

A Unified Approach: Physical and Mental Health

Physical health and mental well-being are inherently intertwined, forming the twin pillars upon which our overall wellness is built. By taking proactive measures, we can fortify not only our physical health but also cultivate robust mental fitness. The domain of physical health encompasses our regular self-care routines and extends to moments of injury or crisis when seeking medical attention becomes paramount. Similarly, mental health entails the consistent nurturing of our cognitive processes, emotional equilibrium, and general wellness. This conscientious care is an ongoing endeavor, and it remains equally crucial during times of distress or upheaval when seeking appropriate support becomes essential.

A vital aspect of promoting comprehensive well-being is championing the imperative of accessible emergency assistance for both physical health emergencies and mental health crises. Just as we emphasize the importance of immediate medical aid for physical injuries, we must advocate for individuals to receive the prompt and compassionate care they rightfully deserve during times of mental health distress. By acknowledging the parity between these two dimensions of health and amplifying the significance of seeking timely intervention, we pave the way for a society that embraces holistic well-being and prioritizes the dignity and wholeness of every individual.

Navigating Adversity with Inner Strength

Resilience is far from a solitary entity; it is a melodic ensemble of strengths, a harmonious chorus of positive energies that elevate and reinforce. It is a transformative odyssey, a transition from vulnerability to empowerment, from delicacy to durability. It encompasses the art of gracefully enduring life's storms, emerging from trials fortified, more connected, and profoundly resilient.

Within the intricate landscape of mental well-being, let us not only acknowledge scars but also celebrate victories. Let the voices of resilience resound, emboldening individuals and communities to boldly proclaim their journey of recovery. Together, we can reshape the narrative, nurturing a culture defined by strength, empathy, and unwavering support.

Yet, how does one cultivate resilience when faced with roses instead of thorns on the path? Adversity serves as the catalyst, and resilience becomes the art of adaptation—a skill in navigating through hardships, in rebounding from adversity, and in confronting challenges with steadfast resolve. It embodies inner fortitude and the ability to confront life's trials with composure. Resilience is the discovery of one's inner power, tranquility, and self-affection. The myriad forms of adversity beckon growth, igniting the spark of resilience. It is through adversity that dormant potential unfurls, and in these moments, resilience takes root and thrives. A heart untouched by scars may never fully comprehend its profound strength.

In a world where adversity inevitably accompanies us, resilience becomes our most trusted ally. This is a collective journey where we embrace our strengths and share tales of triumph. Attaining peace and true happiness hinges upon the relationship we cultivate with ourselves. Reflecting on my past, I acknowledge the unconventional nature of my upbringing. However, these experiences have shaped my present self, nurturing assertiveness, resilience, and unwavering determination. Embracing self-acceptance, respect, and love unveils an inner sanctuary of tranquility that transcends physical confines. By loving and accepting ourselves, we extend the same compassion to others. External validation diminishes, and the shadows of judgment dissipate. The elusive love we seek resides within, bestowing the freedom to express our authentic essence. Often, our harshest critic lies within—the voice of self-critique.

My fiercest critic was not at school, home, or even in my mother's words; it was an internal struggle, a battle within myself. The apparent logic of the critic's words conceals its fallacy. Would we address others with the same severity? Would we constantly berate, judge, and chastise others for a single misstep? The answer resounds as no. The remedy, both for ourselves and others, lies in love, acceptance, encouragement, and forgiveness. It is the unwavering self-love that nurtures growth, blossoming, and flourishing. Our innate state is perfection, inherently worthy, requiring no external validation.

The critical inner voice is an illusion, a specter with no authority unless granted. I urge you to silence this voice, to disregard it, to stop listening, and to reject its falsehoods. The challenge may seem daunting initially, but heightened awareness of thoughts and emotions empowers redirection, leading to the gradual fading of negativity. You are the master of your thoughts, not a mere subject. Embrace the inherent power within you, and an indomitable force will emerge.

A Symphony of Strength and Unity

Amidst this transformative shift, a culture emerges that embodies resilience, fortitude, and unyielding support—a living testament to the extraordinary might of human determination.

While the seeds of resilience take root within each individual, its far-reaching impact extends across entire communities. Through a collaborative journey toward fortitude, we cultivate environments that foster growth and recovery. Local networks of assistance, virtual communities, and educational endeavors provide platforms for sharing stories and tactics, nurturing a profound sense of belonging and empowerment.

Within these communities, safe havens arise where candid conversations about challenges and triumphs can flourish. These sanctuaries celebrate vulnerability and human connection, validating our collective battles. The tales of resilience shared by others confer inspiration and strength, reinforcing our determination to confront personal obstacles.

The symphony of resilience, resonating internally and echoing through our communities, swells into a powerful crescendo of strength, forging unity and showcasing the limitless potential of the human spirit.

Shaping a Resilient Future

Empowering future generations with resilience-building skills is a crucial step toward cultivating a culture of strength and healing. Integrating resilience education into schools and universities equips young minds with tools to navigate life's challenges. By teaching emotional intelligence, coping strategies, and self-care practices, we provide the next generation with a solid foundation for mental and emotional well-being.

Moreover, destigmatizing conversations about mental health in educational settings encourages students to seek help when needed. When young individuals learn that seeking support is a sign of strength, they are more likely to reach out for assistance and support their peers.

Role Models of Resilience

Prominent figures who have overcome adversity serve as beacons of hope and inspiration. Their stories remind us that resilience is a journey, not a destination, and that setbacks can be transformed into stepping stones. By sharing their experiences, these role models break down barriers of shame and silence, encouraging others to seek help and embark on their own paths to healing.

Through autobiographies, interviews, and public speaking engagements, these role models amplify the message that resilience is attainable for anyone. Their stories serve as reminders that strength lies within each of us, waiting to be unearthed and nurtured.

A Future of Resilience and Empowerment

Cultivating resilience encompasses a multifaceted strategy that spans personal odysseys, community backing, education, and the influence of role models. By adopting a mentality imbued with fortitude, empowerment, and recuperation, we pave a path toward a future where dialogues on resilience are as routine as discussions about challenges. As we persistently reshape the narrative from suffering to triumph, we mold a world in which the human spirit can flourish, regardless of adversities it encounters. Collectively, we forge a route toward a more robust and empowered society—one tale of victory at a time.

In the expedition of life, encountering hardships is inevitable. Equally inevitable is the emergence of resilience – the capacity to adjust, evolve, and prosper in the presence of trials. By expanding the discourse, embracing our strengths, nurturing constructive connections, and prioritizing our well-being, we possess the capability to conquer adversity and arise as empowered, unyielding individuals. Remember, you hold the reins to your mind, and your inherent strength serves as the master key to unlock an indomitable version of yourself.

"Thorns make you stronger, and the beauty of the rose is worth the pricks along the way"


Join me as we embark on a path of resilience, self-discovery, and transformation. Connect with me today to book a public speech that will allow your audience to witness the strength that arises from vulnerability and the beauty that can flourish when we choose to embrace our authentic selves.

The Vintage Rose is a testament to the unyielding spirit within each of us—an invitation to bloom despite the shadows that may have once defined us. Let us celebrate our individuality, celebrate our journeys, and create a world that embraces the inherent strength and resilience within us all. Thank you for joining me on this empowering journey. Together, we can rewrite the narrative surrounding mental health and inspire others to embark on their own path of healing.

Remember, our past does not dictate our future. We are survivors, we are resilient, and we are ready to create change. Welcome to The Vintage Rose, where authenticity, courage, and healing intertwine to form a beautiful tapestry of recovery.


Amy Thompson, MSW, CAPSW, CPS is the owner and designer of the The Vintage Rose Co. She has a Master’s in Social Work, is a Certified Advanced Practice Social Worker, a Certified Dual Peer Specialist, a Social/Emotional Interventionist, an Inspirational Speaker, and suicide survivor. Amy has walked the path of recovery from her mental health struggles to addiction. She has confronted the challenges of living with OCD, anxiety, and depression, and as time went on, she received additional diagnoses of ADHD and PTSD. She now dedicates herself to providing support and advocacy for others on their own journey.

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